Dan Hallman

born in USA, 1974

B.F.A. from Parsons School of Design / The New School, 1999

currently living in The Hague, Netherlands

My life long attraction to visual arts and photography began in the years leading up to pursuing my BFA from Parsons, followed by an extensive freelance photography career with a specialty in editorial, commercial and celebrity portraits. In that time I have always been creating abstract, conceptual work for myself and am now more focused than ever on these bodies of work. Some have categorised my large scale photos as "Abstract Expressionism in Photography" or "Kinetic" at times.

I create photos, paintings and drawings which invite the viewer to engage and participate completing the piece. You feel compelled to look closer to see what it is. They are done in a way where the subject matter is not important and it is left entirely up to the observer to visually feel the piece and complete its meaning.

Separate from these abstract pieces, I am working on an ongoing series on canvas titled “Textural.” In these pieces, I use words and phrases in a graphic manner which enable viewers to look inside themselves or where I curate an ironic cheeky laugh. Once again, the viewer completes the piece with their own interpretation of my words. Depending on the individual piece, this series is painted on canvas using oil, acrylic, ink, enamel, plastic and spray paint.

Aside from many publications of my portraits from Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter and Glamour, my artistic works have been exhibited at Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires in 2019 and at the Museum Of The City of New York in 2004.


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